Maria Papadaki founded her architectural studio in 1989 in Athens. The architectural studio started off as a design firm focused on architecture and interiors of residential and commercial projects. Later on the construction company ARK Architectural Works SA was formed that took over most of the projects designed by the firm. Till 2000 the company was located at 59, Skoufa Str. in Kolonaki and after it moved to 1, Pringipos Petrou Str. in Glyfada. The partners and associates represent a wide variety of disciplines and experiences.


The firm provides full services for building, interior design, landscape construction and project management. Extensive experience is achieved through high residential and commercial design and construction, including interiors and furnishing for private residences and offices. Form, function, and materials differ in each project considering the client's needs, the different location of the site and the innovative design solution. In all our projects construction details are studied carefully to achieve aesthetic and economical results that comply with the demands of our clients.

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