Maria Papadaki

Architect, Partner. Master of Architecture; Universita' di Firenze (Italy); 1988.

Fotis Galanos

Surveyor Engineer, Senior Associate. Master of Surveying Engineering; Aristoteleio University of Thessaloniki(Greece); 1997. Experience in project management of building projects and interiors.

Ellie Petrides

Landscape Architect, Berkley University, California(USA), 1982 Vast experience in design and construction of parks and private gardens in Europe, USA and Saudi Arabia.

Nikos Tsakiris

Architect, Institute of Architecture and Urban Studies New York, USA, 1982. Experience with Residential and Commercial spaces.

Antonis Papadakis

Electrical Engineer, Senior Associate. Master of Electronic Engineering; Metsovio Politecnio of Athens; 1990. Experience in the design and installation of electrical systems for private residences and public waste treatment plants.

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